When talking about Ground Apple, everyone visualized of Apple that grows on tree. But Ground apple neither appears as apple in physical appearance nor it grow on tree. Ground apple, a very amazing fruit as well as vegetable and taste just like apple but confused with sweet potato and yam at the first sight is gaining popular. The fruit, also known as Yacon, is believed to have entered Nepal from Japan since a decade ago. It has been just 5 years, farmer have started commercial cultivation of Ground apple in Nepal. It can be cultivated in areas at an altitude of above 1500 meters from the sea level.


Botanically Ground apple is Smallantnun sanchifolius or Polymnia sanchifolia belonging to Asteraceae family is gaining popular due to numerous health benefits. Nutritionally tuber of ground apple is low in calories and contains about 86% water. It contains fructo-oligosachharides that offer about half the sweetness of sugar without increasing blood sugar levels that is why Diabetics patient also get benefit. Yacon is actually potential weight loss agent as a result referred to as “Diet potato”. It is also utilized to boost intestinal motility, decreasing constipation. Even there are lots of health benefits; Ground apple cultivation is still under slow pace.



But nowadays, due to exposure to internet, research activities, health benefits knowledge, farmers are starting commercial cultivation of ground apple. In Bhaktapur too, few of farmers have started commercial cultivation and many of farmers have planted few plants for home consumption. Ground apple actually produces two types of underground tubers, reddish rhizomes directly at the base of the stem, which can be eaten when young but are mainly used for propagation and the larger brown tubers, which are mainly eaten. The propagating tubers are planted during Chaitra-Bhaisakh in Bhaktapur. It requires slight damp sand soil with good drainage facility. Spacing of at least 0.5 metres between the plants is maintained because of large and vigorous nature. Good management along with enough compost manure can make ground apple matured within 6-7 months. After flowering, top growth withers and dies back and the tubers are harvested. In case of Bhaktapur, harvesting time is nearly mangsir – poush (about 8 months of planting). A single plant can yield about 5 to 10 kg depending upon management practice.

Even the cultivation practice is easy and has good health benefits; there is still lack of good market. Consumers are still unknown about the consumption practice. It can be eaten as raw. The outer reddish skin should be peeled out and inner white skin can be eaten raw, can be eaten making salad or making juice by boiling.

Ground apple is gaining popular in Nepalese market. At present situation, the tuber costs about Rs. 200 per kg and sapling cost Rs. 75, as per the market of Bhaktapur.

Ground apple, a very amazing fruit as well as vegetable is gaining popular. Due to high nutritious value, health benefits and easy cultivation practice, the commercial cultivation is being started.


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Soil Texture Finder (Hand Feeling Method)

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Live Weight Estimation of Livestock

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Pesticide Application and Dilution

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Seed Rate Calculator

Optimum seed rate is required for the maximizing the production level of the crops. Use of too high seed rates is not only economically loss but also suppresses the crop growth and finally yields loss. Low seed rate result lower plant population thereby lowers the yield. So, Optimum rate of seed is required. And hence, calculation of seed rate is the need. Seed rate calculator gives the actual amount of seed required in the given area.

Fertilizer Calculator (Research Type)

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